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Culinary Class

533002_320594321343164_234072459995351_785333_2108326339_nChef Vincent’s approach to learning to cook is all about being relaxed and having fun together: a little bit of wine, some conversation, some laughs, some bread and cheese, some more wine, and a lot of cooking in between !

Our cooking classes last usually four hours. The class begins with an apéritif with fresh bread, cheese and charcuterie. Then you will be provided caps and aprons to begin cooking. For the next several hours, you can expect to cook the entire meal yourselves, under the guidance of the chef. It is very hands-on, with him actually touching the food as little as possible. Then, dinner is plated and served for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor together in our cozy dining area. Everyone is encouraged to bring 1-2 bottles of wine (we are BYOB)


Baking classes

Brunch Croissant Baking Class

Plain and Chocolate Croissant
Salmon gravlax
Egg Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

Bread Class

Homemade Baguette with Cheese Assortments
French Hot Dogs
Hamburger Buns served with Black Angus Ground Beef and Chedar
Flamenkuche Flat Bread with Onions, Bacon and Cream
Brioche – Flambee French Toast

Parisian Bistro Menu

Starter – Quiche Spinash/Salmon – Caramelized Onion/Swiss Cheese
Entree – Lobster Roll, Croque Monsieur style
Side – Mediterannean Ratatouille
Dessert – Profiterole, choux puff filled with vanille icecream and covered of dark chocolate

French Cooking 101 – Basic techniques and inexpensive option


Starter – Gougères
Finger-sized puff pastry balls filled with Gruyere cheese, mushrooms and/or ham
Entrée – Saumon au beurre blanc
Grilled salmon filet accompanied by a rich white wine butter sauce
Side – Fresh Pasta
Fettuccine noodles made from scratch
Dessert – Chocolate Soufflé
Fluffy chocolate cake with a melted chocolate center

Coq Au Vin

Starter – Salade aux Noix & Bleu
Lettuce with walnuts, shallots dressing and blue cheese
Entrée – Coq Au Vin
Chicken braised in red wine with carrots, onions, and thyme with a slash of cognac
Side – Zuchini Gratin
Dessert – Crème Brûlée
Rich vanilla custards topped with crispy, caramelized sugar

French Seaside

Starter – Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp Mayo and Cocktail Sauce
Entrée/Side – Moules Frites
Mussels served with French Fries
Dessert – Mousse au Chocolat
Decadent Whipped Chocolate Mousse

Prestige Menus – More technical and upscale


Starter – Bouchées à la reine
Puff pastry filled with béchamel and a medley of meat and vegetables
Entrée – Homemade sausage with boar
Smoked bacon and ostrich meat, lots of garlic, pepper & herbs
Side – Pomme cuite, Pomme au four
Twice-baked and filled with apple & caramelized onion chutney
Dessert – Ile flottante
Meringue sails on a sea of heavenly rich vanilla custard, topped with caramel


Starter - Black truffle Soup
Main course - Sautee shrimp with Champagne and Lobster Veloute
Side dish – Fresh Linguini
Dessert – Chocolate molten lava cake.

Bistronomique Menus – Organic Countryside Menus for Experienced Cooks

Bouchon Lyonnais

Starter – Lyonnaise Salad
Greens with poached eggs and bacon
Entrée – Chicken Fricassee
Side – Celery and Morille Puree
Dessert – Tarte Tatin
Upside-down caramelized apple tart

Provence Garden

Starter – Tomato & Fresh Goat Cheese Soup
Entrée – Herbs crusted rack of Lamb
Side – Ratatouille
Vegetable Stew of zuchini, eggplant, tomato, onion and red pepper
Dessert – Red Fruit Tart

A Night in Paris

Starter – French Onion Soup
Entrée- Entrecote (Rib-Eye) Bearnaise
Side – Pomme Pont Neuf
Thick Cut French Fries with Seasonal vegetables
Dessert – Saint Honore
Cake built with cream puffs and caramel

Pricing & Reservations


French Cooking 101 Menus: $110.00/pers.
Parisian Bistro Menu – Special: $120/pers.
Prestige Menus: $130.00/pers.
Bistronomique Menus: $150.00/pers.
Baking Classes (brunch and bread): $145.00/pers.

Please contact us to know more about our special offers and private events.